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January 29, 2014 @ 9:53 pm

Episode 4: Harry Wilson + The Role Banks Play

Evan is joined by his astute long-time business partner, Brett Barth, to look at the role banks play in our economy.  Free markets have an impassioned defender in Brett although he does believe in a little FAA-like regulation for the banks.

Brett and Evan dig into the Horatio Alger-inspired life of Harry Wilson.  Harry grew from modest Greek roots in a tiny town in upstate New York to a Harvard graduate and an influential businessman notably as the savior of the US auto industry in 2008, a board member at Yahoo! as well as an accomplished public servant.

Harry shares his war stories and the merits of a cold call even if you are a lifelong Republican reaching out to an influential Democrat.  

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January 12, 2014 @ 7:44 pm

Episode 3: Dennis Berman, Biz Editor of Wall Street Journal + Journalists as Brands

On Episode 3,

Danny and Evan explore the trend of journalists breaking away from traditional media to start up their own firms where their value is in their content not the name of the publication they represent.

Evan then interviews Dennis Berman, the Business Editor of the Wall Street Journal, who manages the global staff and coverage of business for the iconic newspaper.  Dennis provides insight into the profession, discusses his admiration for Jamie Dimon and the writer shares why oral tradition is the key to corporate success.  

He gives credit to Jay Bilas for a quote that Evan thinks should be attributed to Abraham Lincoln.  Neither are right.

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